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  • Bankruptcy Protection
  • Medical & Health Care
  • Education Trust
  • Retirement Plans
  • Private Asset Protection
  • Business Protection
  • Veterans Benefits
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    Basics of Trusts

    Most trusts are created to act upon your death and serve that purpose very well. A basic trust is usually referred to as a "Living Trust" or "Family Trust" (or any combination of those words) and is usually revocable. The trust document can be very simple and cost less than $500, but save many months of time, and thousands of dollars and complications upon a death. Everyone should have a basic family trust.

    Within that basic trust, you can determine who will control distributions, who gets what items, when they get the assets, who will be guardians, who will share, how to protect heirlooms, photos, computer and aother records, manage finances, provide for friends, and charities.

    The basic trust can include all assets, yet have special provisions to distribute benefits in a slow (or fast) timeline, or have special conditions, such as good grades, as methods to encourage maturity and be safely worthwhile for beneficiaries.

    The more conditions and complexity that is included, the higher the fees to create a complex trust plan.



    The basic trust is wonderful as a planning tool, but does NOTHING while you are alive.

    A basic trust is great and works perfectly upon your death, but is simply a "standby plan" while you are alive. That's OK, and many families are satisfied with the basics. Some are afraid to do more, because they want to retain the ability to make changes in the future, and they never expect to be involved in any kind of legal battle.

    All of those issues can be incorporated into a Private Asset Protection Trust, AND you can get privacy.

    A Private Asset Protection Trust can be set up now to protect any asset (or group of assets), bank accounts, real estate, vehicles, collectables, retirement, insurance, patents, stock, coins, partnerships, notes, electronics, and your business.

    A Private Asset Protection Trust will even protect you from outrageous medical bills, if done well in advance.

    The Private Asset Protection Trust Plan can be changed at any time, re-allocated, assets changed, or the estate plan completely re-written. In fact, nothing special has to change during your lifetime! You can continue to enjoy your lifestyle and assets until you pass on. Even though you are not buying additional insurance, you get privacy and protection during your life that exceeds most insurance plans.

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    Private Asset Protection Plan


    Some estate planning considerations:
    * Do we need a trust and a Will?
    * Get Discretionary Benefits and Spendthrift Protection.
    * Is there protection from legal and financial ravages of Disability?
    * Can we keep our estate plan private and eliminate publicity?
    * Can we eliminate probate, court disputes, and legal costs?
    * Can we provide Education Expense?
    * Can we defer, reduce, or eliminate Taxes?
    * How do I provide for Personal Care, and Child Guardianship?
    * Can we eliminate disputes over furniture, jewelry, and collectables?

    Get help from Professional Trust Experts

    All documents are provided. Estate Planning Instructions, finance checklists, including many typical examples. The support team provides basic (and advanced) assistance and answers to your questions. They provide explanations, suggestions, and examples that will assist you in activating your Loving Legacy Trust estate plan.

    Free Consultation Trust Help


    All individuals need a Health Care Directive, a Health Care Power of Attorney, and a Statement of Wishes. Adults additionally need a Will, and a Trust. Parents of minor children need Guardianship Agreements.


    The staff prove themselves by providing education and outstanding support that will inspire you to use them for all of your asset protection and estate planning. They are available by phone and email every day from 10am to midnight, even on weekends and holidays. Like friends, and extended family; they have had many of the same staff and clients since 1977.


    * Save Transfer Fees on investments, real estate, and vehicles.
    * Protects your personal assets from business Liens, Claims, and Judgments.
    * Protects assets from mistakes of your children, spouses, or pets.
    * Separates and protects assets, taxes, and Credit Reports.
    * Effectively keeps in-laws (or their heirs) from owning your assets.
    * Completely disinherits unwanted relatives or others from your assets.
    * Minimizes your risk of lawsuits and other claims against your assets.
    * Secures your Retirement, investments, Real Estate, and stock holdings.
    * Makes your business Judgment Proof.
    * Determines Guardianship of Pets and provides for pet care and maintenance.
    * Can save thousands of dollars on insurance.
    * Allows private Gifts and charitable programs.
    * Allows control and disposition of furniture, jewelry, and hobby collectables.
    * Improves privacy and prevents identity theft without additional cost.
    * Provides lockbox for Education Funds without restricting Student Loans or Grants.
    * Provides Financial Safety from health care and long term Medical Assistance Costs.
    * Assists Veterans to receive Special Assistance and Benefits.
    * Prevents being forced by relatives into Assisted Living, or Convalescent Homes.
    * Prevents a Conservator from spending your assets or Modifying your Estate Plan.
    * Review existing Wills, Trusts, and estate planning tips for free HERE.

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